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Proven Approach to Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Line of business leaders and their application developers are applying a variety of cloud technologies for competitive advantage. IDC predicts (1) that by 2020, over 90 percent of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms, with more than one-third of these organizations having established mechanisms to operate their multi-cloud environments.

Are you and your IT organization fully prepared for the multi-cloud era?

We know that provisioning, monitoring, and integration are critical in a typical multi-cloud scenario. That’s why, at Think 2018, we explained “How IBM is Bolstering its Multi-Cloud Strategy.” These new cloud migration capabilities are the proven solution that clients seek to simplify and ease their transition to private cloud computing, and new emerging technologies.

Moreover, IBM Cloud Private applies all the benefits of cloud to systems you have in place. It can bring your apps to life, power them with public services without starting from scratch, and run them within your datacenter. This is the cloud that’s built for all your apps, AI-ready and secure to the core. And, earlier this week, IBM unveiled a new cloud-ready mainframe platform.

Experienced Technical Support Resources

Armed with new migration tools, and a comprehensive suite of cloud service deployment options, our savvy clients in North America are already developing the essential bridges that interconnect their multifaceted IT infrastructure environments.

They’re also relying upon IBM’s extensive professional services and IT staff training resources to help them re-skill their team to build open, cloud-native apps. Beyond migration best-practices, clients augment their DevOps effort with IBM app developers, architects, and data scientists.

Knowledge Transfer to Drive Your Open Innovation

The world is constantly in motion and no single solution provider can keep up with the rate and pace of change. Success in today’s hyper-competitive environment requires open technology to enable collaboration and dynamic optimization, based on your specific workload needs.

Built on an open architecture, and supported by a large and growing open source community, IBM IT infrastructure combined with pre-built partner solutions allow you to deliver new applications faster. If you seek secure hybrid IT solutions that will improve integration and reduce the complexity of multi-cloud management, then connect with us to learn more.

Here’s a list of some upcoming partner events, where IBM will have an exhibitor presence and collaborate in speaking sessions. We invite you to visit the IBM booth. We’re eager to help empower your hybrid IT capabilities — before, during and after your initial deployments.

IBM and Nutanix

Nutanix .NEXT Conference | May 8–10, 2018 | New Orleans, LA


IBM and Red Hat

Red Hat Summit | May 8–10, 2018 | San Francisco, CA


IBM and Cisco

Cisco Live U.S. Conference | June 10–14, 2018 | Orlando, FL


Originally published at LinkedIn on April 12, 2018

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