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HPC & AI Platforms: Knowledge Transfer at Think

Senior executives have embraced the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and cognitive computing. Many are already applying these and other intelligent technologies to dramatically improve the productivity of their businesses, while redefining the ways they engage with their key stakeholders.

However, they’ll need a way to prioritize their IT infrastructure investments, as applications for high-performance computing (HPC) platforms create virtually endless possibilities across business processes and functions. In the foreseeable future, they should also consider the emerging new applications for quantum computing platforms.

How can technology leaders and developers learn to build next-gen applications that utilize these powerful capabilities? Attend IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas, visit the Modern Infrastructure Campus and explore all the related HPC and AI sessions, demos and hands-on labs. Register now, with promo code SYSTEMSVIP for a $300 discount and invitation to the IBM Systems’ reception.

Here’s a sample of the HPC and AI related sessions to attend at Think 2018:

The era of AI is upon us. But as with any new technology, new problems arise, and businesses are having trouble turning data into AI insights. Skilled data scientists are in short supply, data preparation is a constant time-suck, and a growing number of open source models conflate and confuse the ecosystem, thwarting broader adoption. But those that can overcome these barriers are disrupting industries, reaping revenue streams through new business models, and improving client experiences. Hear how a combination of next-gen hardware focused on widening I/O bottlenecks and accelerating across the stack, along with deep learning software focused on flattening the deep learning curve to value, is helping to overcome those difficulties.

From chatbots to recommendation engines to Google Voice and Apple’s Siri, AI has begun to permeate our lives. This talk will demystify what AI is, present the difference between machine learning and deep learning, explore why there is such huge interest in AI now, show some use cases and demos, and then discuss use cases of how deep learning-based AI methods can be used to garner insights from data for enterprises. We will also talk about what IBM is doing to make deep learning and machine learning more accessible and useful to a broader set of data scientists.

This session will illustrate the value accruing from the blending of cognitive methods with classic simulation and modeling, creating what’s referred to as “Cognitive Discovery.” We will show how this can be used to dramatically improve the quality and speed of high-performance computing (HPC) calculations, especially in the context of the post Moore’s Law Era. We will discuss how we’ve implemented this with IBM Cloud Private on IBM Power Systems utilizing IBM’s PowerAI deep learning solution and the IBM Data Science Experience.

Quantum computers are incredibly powerful machines that take a new approach to processing information. Built on the principles of quantum mechanics, they exploit complex and fascinating laws of nature that are always there, but usually remain hidden from view. By harnessing such natural behavior, quantum computing can run new types of algorithms to process information more holistically. This may one day lead to breakthroughs in materials and drug discovery, optimization of complex manmade systems, and AI. We expect quantum computing to open doors that we once thought would remain locked indefinitely. Acquaint yourself with the exciting world of quantum computing and learn about the next steps needed to make it a reality.

Following Watson and Blockchain, quantum computing may provide the next powerful set of services delivered via the IBM Cloud. During this session, attendees will learn about quantum computing and what could be quantum’s first use case.

Discover the latest HPC & AI best practices. Join us in Las Vegas, Register Now

Originally published at on February 21, 2018

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